Mud Puppy Studios is located in the heart of Fort Smith Arkansas, and is the home studio for Potter, Peter Lippicott.

Peter Lippincott and Joseph Bramlett playing in the studio

Peter Lippincott and Joseph Bramlett playing in the studio

His clay work is noted for his very thin throwing & amazing glazes. He teaches pottery classes for adults and children in his studio. Peter is a member of the “Arkansas Craft Guild” and is Secretary of the new “Fort Smith Regional Art Museum.” Peter was accorded the title of Arkansas Living Treasure, 2010

Living Treasure Plaque

Living Treasure Plaque

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Thin walled pieces and amazing glaze colors are what makes Peters' Pottery in demand


If you are interested in purchasing some of Peters’ Pottery he will be at the following shows.



Pottery — 5 Comments

  1. Do you sell bagged clay for throwing and hand building? I live in Clarksville and an acquaintance in Paris wants to learn and maybe offer classes. We would probably need 10 to 20 25 pound bags.

    • I make my own clay and I do sell it currently for $.55/pound, so if you are close enough to pick it up or do not need a lot, it’s a pretty good price.

  2. I am looking for a place that can make a ceramic statue replica of our dog we had him put to sleep a month ago…I was wondering if you made anything like that

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