Pottery Classes

Learn the art of pottery using the potters wheel in a professional, spacious and well lit studio located in Antigua, Guatemala

I am just settling in here in Antigua. Watch this space for information about classes and firing here in the near future. Hopefully I get something up and running soon.

Are you a beginner? Peter will start with the basics and work with you on centering your clay, throwing basic shapes and teach you dip glazing.

Do you already know the basic skills but want to expand your knowledge? Not a problem. He will work with you directly to help you master the skills you hope to learn.


Contact us for more details.



Pottery Classes — 31 Comments

  1. I do not see any classes listed for 2017 but, I am interested if they are available later in the year. If so, please let me know an average cost with materials. I look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!


  2. I am looking to buy pottery classes for my mother, this schedule is 2 years old. Do you have classes going for 2016?

    • Katie, My classes are very much ongoing throughout the year. I’m delighted to have you and your daughter in class now in June 2015. I currently have classes three nights a week, but that is unusual to have so much interest.

  3. I know absolutely nothing about pottery, but have been interested for awhile. I did a lot of ceramics when that was so popular. I want to make (or buy) something in particular, it is called a yarn bowl. It holds roll of yarn (or maybe a skein w/o turning it into a ball) some have an open scroll thing & some look like faces where the yarn comes out of the mouth, nose, etc. Thank you.

    • In my classes I often work with rank beginners. We do both wheel throwing and hand-building. One of my classes has more advanced students, but most are dedicated to novice potters, many of whom continue from one 5-week session to the next to improve their skills

  4. Hello Peter,
    My name is Abigail Crain, I would like to sign up for your beginner’s class.
    I see there is a class tonight; Is there an opening?
    If not, When is your next available class?
    Thank you,

  5. I’d love to secure a place in your Tuesday night class starting in January. I do have a couple friends who might be interested too. I’ll have them contact you.


  6. It’s October 26. I just stumbled across your website. I’ve, been wanting to do this for so long. When will you be holding your next beginners class?
    Although I took pottery and domestic ceramics in high school. There’s no way I’ve retained everything learned some 25th ago. I’m sure once I start something will come back. But, I’d have to start from scratch. Definitely a beginner. :×)

  7. Please email me with details on the supply list for the class that are extra besides the $125. thanks!

    • Nancy, All the supplies you will need are provided. You will pay for them by-the-pound for your finished work. Usually the material fees seldom exceeds $20 for a normal 5-week session. You will also need a set of potter’s tools. I have these available at the current rate of $17.
      Dress for mess, though it all washes out.

  8. I am very interested in taking a beginners course in pottery. Please email me when the next classes are available and if there is any material I should study before going. Thanks so much. Have a great day.

  9. Have given ur name to John Stoeckley ( pen and ink artist from Mo). He and his wife (writer/photographer) spend months in France every year. Told him about you and Marget restoring house in France. He may contact you. You probably don’t remember me but I use to do the Christmas Showcase in LR.

  10. I am interested in taking some pottery making classes. Please email me at anytime with maybe some more info. Thanks a bunch.

      • I am looking for some beginner pottery classes but I am on a very limited budget right now. I will not have the funds in time for the sept. 22 class. when is your next class after that? can I buy the pottery tools ahead of time?

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